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Me Man, You Woman

About the Play...

A play about puberty.

Suitable for years 7-8.

This play covers the following issues in a fun, informative and sensitive way:

  • The body’s development
  • Specific development in boys and girls
  • Personal hygiene
  • Embarrassing problems
  • Questions the young people may be too shy to ask
  • Dispelling the myths of puberty
  • The changing feelings and moods experienced through out puberty

Charting teenagers from 2000 years ago to 2000 years in the future, our whacky scientist helps the characters discover the answers to some of life’s most difficult questions, such as, “Why have my legs gone hairy?”  “What’s happened to my voice?” and “Does this happen to everyone?”

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“The play was dead good. It told me loads of things that I would feel too embarrassed to ask my mum and dad about.  It was also good because now I know that I had the wrong idea about some things and that this happens to everyone”

- Shaniqua, Year 7 pupil at University Academy Liverpool


Cost: £550 


Price includes: 

  • An hour long performance comprising of; An introduction to theatre in education, the play, a question and answer session with the characters and a brief evaluation
  • Six sessions of supporting education materials and lesson plans relevant to the specific topic
  • A bound report containing the statistical analysis gathered from our evaluation. This can be presented to OFSTED as evidence of a measurable outcome.

Please note all prices are subject to an additional 40p per mile travel expenses charge (excluding the first and last forty miles).

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